Are There Vegan Options At Dominos in the UK!

Domino’s is a global pizza chain, mainly delivering their products to customers. They have a significant presence in the United Kingdom, and now they have numerous vegan options on offer for those following a vegan-friendly lifestyle.

If you follow a vegan-friendly lifestyle and want easy access to vegan food, you may wonder whether Domino’s offers vegan options in the United Kingdom. It is easier than ever to find vegan options, but finding them at reasonable pri can be difficult.

It can also be trying to find options that everybody at a party or in a house can agree on for a single order. Domino’s is a popular delivery option, offering a range of pizzas and a high degree of customisation.

Customers can request half pizza customisations, different bases, crusts and toppings, meaning that they are a popular choice for those looking for something particular on their pizza. So are there vegan options?

What is available for those following a vegan diet? Read on to find out more.

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Does Domino’s offer vegan options in the UK?

As of 2020, yes. Provided ingredients are in stock, all Domino’s stores in the United Kingdom offer vegan options. This ranges from pizza, vegan sides, and even vegan dips.

These are all available for delivery, and are available in all of the United Kingdom’s shops. Domino’s has been rolling out new vegan pizza and side options each January since 2020, with 2022 introducing even further options for toppings, bases and dips for those following a vegan diet.

thin crust pizza with pizza cutter

Are Domino’s vegan options expensive?

Domino’s vegan pizzas are the same price as their regular pizzas, with their sides only varying slightly in price. They have different inclusions in some deals, so it can be worth checking the Terms and Conditions if you are looking to include a vegan pizza in a group meal deal.

Do Domino’s have good vegan cheese?

Vegan cheese can be a particular sticking point for products that attempt to imitate cheese aged from cow’s milk.

This is because the texture can be difficult to get right without lactose and casein, ingredients generally only found from animal products that emulsify the texture of cheese to combine the fat and water of melted cheese to a texture that is both liquid-esque, but still solid enough to eat easily.

Some vegans also find vegan cheese off putting and instead avoid substitutes and non-vegan cheese altogether, opting for other dietary choices.

Domino’s vegan cheese is Domino’s brand, and they report it is created with coconut oil. Coconut oil is a popular inclusion in vegan cheese substitutes, because it has the unique property of a similar melting and solidifying point to cheese created from cow’s milk.

Coconut milk is generally solid at room temperature, but getting a few degrees higher with cause it to gently melt. When this is used in vegan cheese substitutes, this creates a cheese that can melt similar to cheese made from cow’s milk.

It also contains enough fat, similar to non-vegan cheese, that it can carry a similar flavour profile. Violife, a well-regarded and popular vegan cheese substitute that is also used by Pizza Hut, also uses coconut oil in its ingredients.

Is Domino’s vegan pizza healthy?

Unfortunately, although Domino’s does tout the new vegan Italian Style Crust as a lighter option, and vegan options as less calorific than regular pizza and side options, even vegan options at Domino’s are high in calories.

As vegan cheese and crusts still aim to bring a similar flavour profile, they contain largely the same amount of fat and sugar and should still be consumed in moderation.

For those vegans concerned with all processed foods however, soy products provided by Domino’s as toppings should be avoided. Although processed soy is associated with much fewer health problems than processed meats, they are still less likely to provide nutrition while still providing calories.

If you are concerned about processed soy, opt for vegetable toppings instead, or avoid pizza altogether and opt for one of Domino’s salads.

Does Domino’s have vegan dips?

As of 2022, Domino’s has three different vegan dips available. Their Vegan Garlic and Herb Dip has been available for some time and is provided with many vegan pizzas as default.

They also offer their Classic BBQ Dip and Frank’s RedHot Dip, both of which are vegan. As Domino’s advertises this openly, there is less likely to be the possibility of cross-contamination, but concerned vegans should examine the ingredient list if concerned.

Furthermore, health-conscious vegans may consider consuming less dip, as they tend to be less nutritious and contain more sugar and calories than other parts of the menu.

Does Domino’s have vegan cheese pizza?

pizza with spinach

They do. For a classic “cheese” pizza, Domino’s UK is currently offering both the Vegan Margherita with a classic, thicker crust and the Vegan Margherita with an Italian-style crust. The sizes of these pizzas are not customisable as of the time of writing, but the Vegan Margherita with Classic Crust comes in Medium, at 11.5 inches at £13.99.

The Italian Crust version comes in Large, at 13.5 inches at £15.99. These are identical prices to the non-meat versions, which cost £13.99 for Classic Crust in Medium at 11.5 inches and £15.99 for the Italian Crust in Large.

Does Domino’s offer vegan toppings?

All toppings used on any pizza are generally interchangeable on other pizzas, either with a direct swap or by adding it extra for a fee of £1.50. This can be done when ordering your pizza, meaning you can add all the currently available vegan toppings to your pizza to customise it to your liking.

Customers can do this with all vegan items available across the menu, and Domino’s labels vegan items as vegan when purchasing.

Vegan cheese can only be selected when ordering a vegan pizza, so bear this in mind when customising your pizza.

Does Domino’s offer vegan stuffed crust?

No, Domino’s does not yet offer vegan stuffed crust as of 2022. They also do not offer some thicker crust options, with only the Italian-Style Crust and Classic Crust available to vegan customers.

These two bases come in only two sizes, with the Italian-Style Crust coming in Large and the Classic Crust coming in Medium exclusively. However, these do not cost more than the non-vegan versions, which is a plus for vegans.

Many rival pizza chains charge vegan options as an additional fee.

Does Domino’s offer vegan chicken pizza?

Yes. As of 2021, Domino rolled out the Chick-Ain’t, a pizza including “chicken” strips formed from soy and seasoned, sliced peppers, and sliced onions.

This is available at £17.99 for Medium Classic Crust and £19.99 for Large Italian-Style Crust. The Chick-Ain’t is not directly correlative to any item on the Domino’s meat-based menu, but it is not more expensive than most of their meat-based pizza options.

The pizza includes Domino’s own coconut oil-based cheese substitute, tomato sauce, and vegan base.

Does Domino’s have vegan pepperoni pizza?

As of January, or Veganuary, 2022, Domino’s has begun offering their Pepperoni Passion in a vegan form known as the PepperoNAY. It is available with the Italian Crust and Classic Crust versions as above.

The Large Italian-Style Crust version is available at £19.99, and the Medium 11.5-inch version at £17.99. These are identical prices to the Pepperoni Passion at these sizes and bases.

The pizza includes Domino’s own coconut oil-based cheese substitute, tomato sauce, and vegan base.

Are there other Domino’s vegan pizzas?


Domino’s also offers the pre-made Vegi Supreme, which comes with their vegan cheese substitute, sweetcorn, onions, green and red peppers, and mushrooms. Vegetables may be a preferable choice for vegans seeking to improve their health and avoid processed products, as soya strips and pepperoni created from soya and wheat are still processed products with little nutritional value.

However, if you want to switch out some of these ingredients, Domino’s offers swaps free of charge and additional toppings for £1.50. Vegans can add any of the other items on the other vegan pizzas and some that do not feature on any of them.

Domino’s indicates vegan-friendly items with a helpful dietary key on the ordering page. Their jalapeno peppers, olives, tomatoes, pineapple, and sliced gherkins are just some of the extra options available to vegans.

Noteworthy is that Domino’s does not offer the ability to put non-vegan options on vegan pizzas to avoid the possibility that someone could accidentally select a non-vegan option for their order.

If you are looking for vegan and non-vegan options on a pizza potentially divided in half, this option is not available. Non-vegan toppings and options must be purchased on a separate pizza.

Create your pizza options do not appear to offer a vegan selection yet. However, vegan customers can achieve a similar effect by customising either a Vegan Margherita or performing swaps on another vegan pizza.

Are there vegan sides at Domino’s?

Each January, Domino’s has been rolling out more and more sides for vegans to enjoy when ordering from their delivery service. Options range from vegetable options to meat substitutes and include a combo option.

As a naturally vegan option, vegans can pair Domino’s Potato Wedges with any of their three vegan dips, Vegan Garlic & Herb, Frank’s Red Hot, and their Smoky BBQ Dip. The Potato Wedges are available for £4.99.

Domino’s now offers 7 Vegan Nuggets for £5.99 or 14 Vegan Nuggets for £8.99.

For those interested in a combo, there is now a whole portion of 7 Vegan Nuggets and Potato Wedges offered with 1 Vegan Garlic & Herb dip and 1 BBQ dip for £7.99.

potato wedges

Are there gluten-free, vegan options at Domino’s?

There is little in the way of gluten-free and vegan options at Domino’s, as the vegan cheese alternative offered by Domino’s is not available when customising or purchasing a gluten-free pizza.

Gluten-free pizzas with various toppings and customisation options are available from Domino’s. Still, these are not mutually available with the vegan cheese option or the vegan meat substitutes, so both are unavailable to vegans looking to pursue a gluten-free diet.

Additionally, Domino’s gluten-free base contains egg white, and the vegan pizza bases contain wheat and gluten, meaning there is no easy combination for gluten-conscious vegans.

Gluten-free bases are also restricted in size, only available at 9.5 inches in the UK as of 2022. Both the vegan nuggets and the potato dippers have warnings from Domino’s for gluten.

If asked, some restaurants may offer a preparation with both the gluten-free crust and the vegan toppings, but this cannot address the issue of egg white in the gluten-free crust. Those vegans who require both of these health adjustments should make their own decision on this issue with the best judgement on their health and ethical needs.

Can I get extra vegan cheese on my Domino’s vegan pizza?

cheesy pizza

Yes. Though there is an extra charge, vegan cheese can be added extra or removed on Domino’s vegan pizzas.

They can also be swapped out in place of other ingredients.

Domino’s has a growing selection of vegan pizzas and dishes, with increasing customisation regarding their ingredients and flavour profile. Domino’s pizza is a solid choice for vegans in 2022.

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