What Are Vegan Dark Chocolate Options in the UK

Just because you decided to go vegan doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the sweet things in life. For chocolate lovers, there are plenty of vegan alternatives you can opt for.

You won’t even taste the difference.

So if you are planning a night of movie watching at home, or need a pick up with some “comfort food”, here are some of the UK’s finest vegan dark chocolate. 

One thing to be aware of. You may come across lists similar to this one regarding vegan dark chocolate.

Be careful as some of the recommendations on those lists include chocolate that can’t be considered vegan. 

For example, several of Green and Black’s chocolates are said to be okay for vegans. However, if you drill down into the ingredients you will discover that the chocolate may contain milk. 

Also, there is a possibility of cross-contamination through the use of the same equipment to produce the chocolate. 

We have weeded out the truly vegan brands. 

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Boojabooja started with a radical idea: make dairy-free organic chocolate. That was a ground-breaking concept.

It was something vegans in the UK embraced with open arms. 

All the products that Boojabooja offers are completely vegan, gluten-free and soy-free.

If you want more than chocolate, the company makes ice cream. Now you can choose what you want to have for dessert: truffles or ice cream.

You can purchase the products either through Amazon, other e-tailers or a bricks and mortar store. Just click on Boojabooja’s “Where to buy” option on their menu bar. 


Using cacao beans from Ecuador, Ombar is committed to increasing Fair Trade practices. Yet, the ethics extend beyond humanitarian support.

The company focuses on producing completely plant-based chocolate. 

There is not a hint of anything dairy contained in Ombar’s chocolates. Have a look at the ingredients and you will find that it is all vegetable, fruit and nut-based.

The milk is derived from coconuts. 

If you want to buy yourself a bar or two, Ombar has an online store. Additionally, you can use the “Om Finder” to find a store near you.

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Doisy & Dam

Using cacao from Colombia, Doisy & Dam strive to source only the best ingredients. To underscore the fact that their chocolate is special, Doisy & Dam state “Not all Heros wear capes…some have wrappers”

None of the chocolate contains palm oil or any animal derivatives. All the ingredients are natural and the products are vegan-friendly. 

For dark chocolate lovers, try Doisy and Dam’s Vanilla & Cacao, Goji & Orange, or Coconut & Lucia.

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Moofree Chocolate

As the name implies, you won’t find any cow milk within Moofree’s chocolate. The company has always celebrated being different and its range certainly celebrates that diversity.

There is only one dark chocolate option available. The “Organic 65% Dark Chocolate” is a fine mix between bitter and sweet. 

Beyond the dark chocolate, Moofree has an impressive range of bars to select from. You can grab a packet of vegan baking chocolate or a bar that is artisan. 

The organic selection is slightly higher priced than the non-organic chocolate. That’s simply due to the costs associated with purchasing organic ingredients. 


CocoaLibre understands how hard it can be to find confectionery that is guaranteed vegan. That is why it has devoted itself to producing chocolate that vegans can trust.

Rice milk is used in the products. The result is chocolate that tastes just about similar to its dairy-based equivalent. 

You aren’t buying chocolate bars from CocoaLibre. Instead, they have chosen to go with the term “slabs”.

That’s because that is what they are: A huge rectangle of chocolate.

Dirty Cow Chocolate

Based in London, Dirty Cow is constantly experimenting and innovating with its chocolate range. 

Each bar is handmade, so that shows you the love that they have for chocolate. Everything is animal and dairy-free. 

Enjoy inspirational bars such as  Salty Susan, Cookies No Cream, Honey Come Home and Hail Mary Berry. 

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Ritter Sport

Starting in 1912, Ritter Sport has been family owned for three generations. It’s an award-winning company that offers a variety of chocolate for both non-vegans and vegans.

The options for vegans are the 100g Vegan Sesame bar, 100g Vegan Dark Almond Quinoa bar and 100g Vegan Dark Whole Hazelnuts Amaranth. Unfortunately, Ritter Sport doesn’t give a breakdown of what is contained within these bars.

So it’s a matter of taking their word for it that the chocolate is vegan. 

Of course, you could contact them and ask. 

The company doesn’t have an online store, so you’ll have to track down retailers that stock Ritter Sport confectionery. Again, reaching out to Ritter Sport could save you a lot of time wandering from store to store.

chocolate bar

Raw Halo

Holistic wellbeing encompasses mind, body and soul. It’s this concept that has inspired Raw Halo and its chocolates.

The company states that your mind is catered for by knowing that the ingredients are ethically and sustainably sourced. 

For the body, everything is organic and vegan friendly. That means you aren’t putting anything artificial or chemically created into your system. 

Regarding your soul, there is the glossy finish that makes the chocolate glow (in a good way). Then there is the cracking sound as your break off a piece.

Music to the ears of chocolate lovers.

All the bars have the Vegan Society seal of approval.

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Having its inspiration from the unhurried lifestyle of the Swiss Alps, Rythm108 focuses on slowness. The chocolate also reflects the delicacy that Siddhi, the company’s founder, discovered regarding Swiss food.

All the products are created by Swiss patisseries. Each item is made by hand using only natural, vegan and gluten-free ingredients.

The dark chocolate offerings are Dark Cocoa Orange and Mint Fondant. Yet there is still a variety of products to explore such as biscuits and seasonally inspired confectionery.

Purchase through the online shop or visit one of these UK retailers: Sainsburys, Asda, Booths, Ocado, Boots, Wholefoods Market and Planet Organic. You can also find Rythm108 chocolate in some independent health food stores.  

Love Raw

Beginning in 2013, the founders had a vision to make vegan chocolate that tastes like chocolate. With only £600 and a trusty food-processor, Love Raw was born.

Since its inception, it has grown in leaps and bounds, yet the company still retains its humility and personal touch. Each packet contains a picture of the founders.

The whole concept is to bring vegan chocolate to what Rimi and Manav refer to as “unvegan vegans”. Check out how they define those people, it’s entertaining.

For dark chocolate aficionados, there is some disappointment. It appears Love Raw doesn’t have that type of chocolate.

However, there is a range of indulgences you can choose from. 

Buy through the webshop or pop into one of Love Raw’s stockists: TheVeganKind, Whole Foods Market, Boots, Holland & Barrett, Ocado, Co-op and Waitrose. 

Galaxy Chocolate 

In 1960 Galaxy Chocolate sought to revolutionise the chocolate world. It introduced a silky bar that created a new standard within the industry.

Since then, the company has continued to forge the way within the realms of chocolate. 

However, it wasn’t until 2019 that the company introduced a vegan line of bars. Five bars are on offer: Caramel &Sea Salt, Caramelised Hazelnut, Crumbled Cookie, Smooth Orange and Smooth Mint.

When it comes to listing the ingredients within the bars, that information is lacking on Galaxy Chocolate’s site. There is mention of how the company sources its milk, yet that related to the non-vegan ranges of chocolate. 

You can use the online contact form to inquire about how they ensure the vegan chocolate is just that: vegan.

Also, you can’t purchase the bars through the website. Galaxy Chocolate is only available in stores throughout the UK and certain e-tailers.

Use the “Where to Buy” feature to discover how to get your hands on this revolutionary chocolate.

chocolate bar

Watch out for this

For vegans wanting to buy chocolate, there are plenty of brands to chose from. However, what we have discovered is that some of the companies aren’t as vegan as one would hope. 

There were some UK options we were going to add to this list. Yet, we had to remove them.

The main issues were:

  • Listed ingredients that mentioned “milk” or “milk powder”. The source isn’t mentioned.
  • The possibility of cross-contamination of dairy residue from machines used to make both non-vegan and vegan chocolate.

Galaxy Chocolate doesn’t list online what goes into their vegan range. So it’s a matter of having to read the packaging.

If in doubt, put the bar down and buy chocolate from a more reputable brand.

Let yourself indulge to your heart’s (and stomach’s) delight.   

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