Vegan Deodorant Options In The UK

Vegan deodorant is a great way to reduce under arm odour and protect your skin at the same time. Not only are vegan deodorants becoming more popular now but so are deodorants without aluminium. 

If you suffer with sensitive skin, a vegan deodorant may be a good switch for you as they are made using natural ingredients. Natural ingredients, without the common chemicals found in deodorants help to soothe your skin, hydrate and kill bacteria.

Lots of plant based deodorants contain coconut oil which is known for hydrating, moisturizing and it’s antibacterial properties. 

Another benefit of vegan deodorant is that because there is no aluminium in it, yellow stains will not appear on your clothes.

The aluminium is what causes yellow stains on your clothes if you get your deodorant on them. Plant based deodorants do not cause stains. 

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Why Buy Vegan Deodorants?

Deodorants that contain aluminium do help to block sweat but they don’t always help to get rid of the odor. Plant based deodorants leave your under arms fresher and don’t use as many chemicals as mainstream deodorants. 

When looking for a vegan deodorant, you can look for trust badges that will help inform your choice such as if it is certified by the vegan society, or is certified as being cruelty free. This would mean that the product is not tested on animals.

Some products do use ingredients that derive from animals such as animal fats. These ingredients are usually listed on packs as there scientific names so aren’t as easy to spot.

You may have to do some research on what the name of the chemical actually is and what it means. For example, gelatin crosspolymer actually comes from fish and is usually derived from the scales of the fish.

This is used to help prevent bacteria developing. Fish scales are also used in vegan lipsticks for a shimmering effect.

So make sure when you are buying vegan products, they are actually vegan

Vegan deodorants are also good for the environment, you can buy them online, or in person in store. Here is a list of some of the vegan deodorants available on the market in the UK:

The Natural Deodorant Co – This is one of the most popular deodorants and it comes in the form of a balm that you rub on your arm pits. It also comes in different fragrances and is suitable for sensitive skin. It is plastic free and can last up to 3 months. 

Mancave Eucalyptus Deodorant – This deodorant is made of natural ingredients such as eucalyptus, witch hazel and tea tree oil. It comes in the form of a roll on, and should last for 24 hours. 

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PitROK Berry Burst Roll on – This roll on is 100% cruelty free. The brand comes in a variety of fragrances for both men and women and you can also choose a stick or a spray if roll on doesn’t suit you. It doesn’t leave white marks either. 

Salt of the earth – Salt of the earth is an award winning deodorant that has been around for a long time. It is made of natural minerals that are good at helping to prevent odour. It is however, fragrance free which may suit some people, but if you are looking for fragranced, take a look at some of our other suggestions. Each stick can last several months but must be applied to the skin when wet. 

Certain Dri – Certain Dri is one of the very few vegan deodorants that come in an antiperspirant spray form in the UK. It can also help to treat excess sweating. It is long lasting and fragrance free. 

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Earth Conscious Vegan Deodorant Stick – Earth conscious manufacture lots of different deodorants but they do not manufacture anti perspirants. They come in a variety of fragrances and use all natural ingredients. They also use recyclable packaging. The brand were winners of the green parent natural beauty awards best deodorant in 2016 and Best Buy in 2017. Prices start from around £7. 

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Sukin Natural Deodorant – Sukin uses natural ingredients such as aloe Vera, burdock and nettle to help soothe the skin after shaving. It is in a spray form and can also be used as a body spray. 

Soft and Gentle Jasmine and Coco Milk Anti Perspirant – This deodorant is available in most supermarkets and is not tested on animals. It is also an anti white mark deodorant spray and is available for as low as £2. It is suitable for people following a vegan lifestyle and for those on a budget, or just want to be able to pick up a deodorant in their local supermarket. 

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Green People Thyme and Prebiotics Deodorant – This deodorant is certified as vegan and cruelty free and does not contain aluminium. It is also suitable for people with sensitive skin. 

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Incognito Natural Crystal Citronella Deodorant – This deodorant is certified by the vegan society. It contains the citronella to help protect from insects so may be a good one to take with you on holiday. It is also tested on humans, rather than animals, and is long lasting and non sticky. It is best applied to damp skin. 

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Dr Organic – Dr Organic products are available in Holland and Barrett and are available in a roll on, or a balm and is suitable for vegans. It is aluminium, paraben and alcohol free. It is suitable for sensitive skin. 

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Your Nature – Your nature Deodorant is made in Bristol and is suitable for vegans. It is also plastic free. It is handmade and is free from toxins or harmful chemicals. It is made from natural ingredients and is available in an array on fragrances. It is available from weearthlondon.com and you can get 5% off your first order. 

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LaVanila The Healthy Deodorant – This Deodorant has a strong fragrance with it that does not wear off after a few hours. It is one of the more expensive deodorants available especially considering it is quite small. It doesn’t use aluminium or parabens and is vegan friendly. 

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Schmidts Natural Deodorant – Schmidts has a good fragrance to it of lime and is a balm. It helps to keep sweat wetness at bay for a long period of time. 

Crystal Natural Mineral Deodorant Stick – Crystal is a fragrance free deodorant and is suitable for sensitive skin. The natural mineral salts in the product helps to protect against body odour. It does not leave white marks and can last for up to a year. The product is also hypoallergenic. 

Native Unearthed Activated Charcoal Natural Deodorant Balm – Activated charcoal has good absorption properties that helps to combat odour. The activated charcoal also contains anti microbial properties. It also contains coconut oil, Shea butter and lavender oil.  

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What animal ingredients are in deodorants?

  • Stearic Acid – Mostly made from animal fat but can be made from vegetable oil. 
  • Lanolin – Sheeps wool. 
  • Glycerine – Mostly from animal fats but can come from vegetable oils. 
  • Squalene – Shark Liver oil
  • Beeswax – Excreted from bees bodies and harvested alongside honey. 
  • Tallow – Cow or sheep fat. 
  • Keratin – Animal horns, hooves, nails and hair. 
  • Collagen – Skin and connective tissue of fish, cows, pigs and rabbits. 
  • Elastin – Skin, ligaments, liver and lungs of animals.  
  • Gelatin – Made from skin, tendons, ligaments and bones of cows and pigs. 
  • Hydrolized Silk – This comes from silk worms that have been harvested. 
  • Milk – Commonly Cows milk.

Many deodorants also contain chemicals that can be detrimental to health such as parabens, triclosan and artificial fragrances. 

Should I get a deodorant or an anti perspirant?

If you are someone who suffers with sweating rather than odor, anti perspirant may be best for you. Deodorants cover more against odor rather than sweating.

Deodorants do have anti bacterial properties in them. 

How do I know if a deodorant is cruelty free? 

If a product is vegan, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is cruelty free. In the same way that if a product is cruelty free, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is vegan.

If a product is cruelty free, it will have been certified by the international cruelty free society and will carry the leaping bunny logo on the packaging. The leaping bunny logo signifies that the products are not tested on animals. 

Is Sure Deodorant Vegan?

Sure sell a lot of products within the UK for moth make and females and are not vegan free. Animal derivatives can be found in their products.

Sure is also owned by Unilever who do test on animals so sure products may not be cruelty free. 

Is Dove deodorant Vegan?

Dove isn’t quite as clear cut. Whilst they do not use animal fats in their products, they are not certified by the vegan society.

The brand however, is endorsed by peta for being cruelty free. Many of dove’s products are sold in China where it is mandatory to test on animals.

Again, this company is owned by Unilever who do test on animals. 

Is Mitchum deodorant Vegan? 

Mitchum is owned by Revlon. It is not vegan free as the product is tested on animals and does contain animal fats. 

Is Sanex deodorant Vegan? 

Sanex is another product that is not totally clear cut. Some of their products are vegan, and some aren’t.

Some of their products to contain animal fats so it is important to know your scientific terms and read the label. However, Sanex does not test on animals and are aiming to reduce the amount of plastic they use to help the environment.

The NaturProtect 0% brand of Sanex is the safest bet if you’re looking for a vegan alternative. This is a roll on deodorant and lord of the anti perspirants do contain animal derivatives. 

Is Superdrug roll on Vegan? 

Superdrug roll on is actually vegan as it doesn’t contain any animal fats and also does not test on animals. The good thing about Superdrug is that it is often a cheaper alternative and is readily available. 

What ingredients are often used in vegan deodorant?

Sodium bicarbonate is often used in vegan deodorant, along with coconut oil and Shea butter for moisturizing. Sodium bicarbonate helps to decrease odor from underarm bacteria.

Arrowroot is also used to help keep you dry. Essential oils are typically used to flavor and fragrance the deodorant rather than synthetics.

No aluminium or parabens are used in vegan deodorants and the products consist of natural ingredients. 

I’m Vegan but spend a lot of time in the gym, will these deodorants work for me?

man at the gym lifting weights

Vegan deodorants will work for you but you may need to assess how much you sweat and need a stronger smelling one. You will need to make your choice based on these factors.

There are plenty of vegan deodorants on the market in the UK that are stronger smelling. If you aren’t very active, then most types will work for you.

Everyone sweats different amounts on doing different activities. 


If you have been using a mainstream deodorant until now, that also has lots of synthetics and chemicals in, you may need to give your body time to adapt to the new product. You may find that your body sweats more, or you find you have more odour to begin with.

The product may also need time to work and your body may need time to adapt to the new product. If you find you have an allergic reaction to the product, then stop using it and switch to another product.

There are also lots of hypoallergenic deodorants on the market. Always use products according to the manufacturers instructions. 

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