Best Vegan Multivitamins Available In UK

People choose a vegan lifestyle for many reasons. One of those choices is based on health and diet. Veganism does have its health benefits such as:

  • aids in weight loss
  • lowers cholesterol levels
  • reduces blood sugar levels
  • provides more nutrients
  • can decrease the risk of getting prostate, breast or colon cancer

However, there can be certain things that a completely vegan diet will provide little of. Typically B12, zinc, calcium and iron.

Additionally, research has shown that a plant-based diet can be lacking in vitamin B6 and niacin.

So, what can one do to get these important vitamins and nutrients? Like any diet, supplements provide what you need.

Your health food shop or supermarket may stock a wide range of multivitamins and minerals to boost your health. However, not all supplements are ideal for those pursuing a vegan lifestyle.

Don’t be fooled into thinking just because it says “natural” on the packaging, that it’s okay. Some multivitamin companies can use animal derivatives in the manufacturing process.

That makes them unsuitable for vegans.

That doesn’t mean vegans miss out. Here we have gathered up a bunch of brands that offer vegan multivitamins.

Let your health get back into balance!

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Form Nutrition

Form started with a simple belief: help individuals become the ideal person they can be. The way Form realises this goal is through nutrition. 

Everything that Form produces is plant-based. They offer a wide range of proteins and vitamins to meet an equally diverse selection of dietary requirements.

Form’s multivitamin was designed with vegans in mind. It provides vegan-sourced omega 3 fatty acids as well as vitamin B12.

Additionally, you are getting a daily supply of Iron. 

You can use the multivitamins as a nutritional base and enhance your wellness with additional supplements.

Available on Amazon

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Dr Vegan

Dr Vegan is passionate about bettering you and the planet. That is why all their products are free of:

  • animal derivatives
  • allergens
  • gluten
  • lactose
  • sugar
  • starch

Dr Vegan’s Daily multivitamin is an all-rounder. It boosts your energy levels through B vitamins.

Skin, hair and nails are also taken care of with Vitamin C, selenium, zinc, Iodine and more. Your mental functioning and immune system aren’t ignore either.

That takes care of everything required to make you feel great every day. You can buy directly from Amazon.

Vegan Vitality

The name of the company should tell you everything: The products are completely vegan. As one of Europe’s leading vegan brands, Vegan Vitalitiy’s supplements are independently tested for quality. 

The multivitamins that the company offers are designed specifically with vegans and vegetarians in mind. You get a high level of vitamin B12, D3, K2. On top of that, there are an additional 20 vitamins and minerals within each capsule.

You get six months’ worth of vitamins in one bottle. 

Vegan Vitality states that the multivitamins are free from:

  • sugar
  • gluten
  • wheat
  • nuts
  • soy
  • eggs
  • GMO substances and all animal products 
  • Cyanocobalamin


Nutrivita was born out of frustration and disappointment. The founders, Alexandre and Lucas, discovered the supplements available on the market weren’t cheap, were ineffective and contained unhealthy additives.

They made it their mission to change the situation. 

Nutrivita’s multivitamin is constructed from 29 nutrients. It combats stress, fatigue and boosts your cardiovascular and immune systems.

Though most multivitamins only need to be taken once or twice daily, Nutrivita’s supplement is a four-times-a-day situation. One bottle lasts a month. 

If you want to give this multivitamin a try, you can buy it through Amazon

Holland and Barrett

This company is Europe’s largest supplier of health supplements. It’s a well-recognised brand within the UK and has a 148-year old history of providing wellness to the masses.

That is an incredible record, but does the company cater to vegans?

The answer is: Yes. There is an extensive vegan range provided by Holland and Barrett.

They offer vegan food, vegan sports nutrition, vegan cosmetics and vegan supplements. 

The multivitamins are categorised into Kid’s and Teen’s, Men’s and Women’s selections. Each category offers an incredible array of supplements.

For Kid’s and Teen’s, there are 88 different options. Men have 24 choices and women get a range of 54 options. 

That lets you match your daily multivitamin regime with your health need. It’s not simply a matter of one pill for everything. 

Buy through Holland and Barrett’s e-store. 

vitamins in a heart shape

Green Box

Stemming from an initial discovery of the calming effect of CBD, Green Box was launched. The company’s philosophy is simple: provide happiness and well-being to people through plant extracts.

One of the several promises the company has made is:

“All products are vegan friendly and contain sustainably sourced plant extracts which can naturally benefit the mind and body. We also avoid all nasties such as artificial flavours, colours, preservatives, parabens, mineral oils, and palm oil.”

The sustainability extends to the packaging as well as being the company being carbon-neutral. 

Greenbox offers a small range of multivitamins:

  • Solgar Formula VM-75: Supports daily wellness. Each capsule contains 28 ingredients and 13 nutrients. 
  • Solgar Formula VM-2000: This is Green Box’s supercharged multivitamin. Every tablet consists of 32 vitamins, minerals and amino acids. A great option if you suffer from stress throughout the day. 
  • Wicked Gummy Co Kidz Multivitamin: It can be hard to have kids eat anything healthy. However, these strawberry flavoured multivitamins are sure to be a hit. Your child’s immunity system is being protected while oxidative stress is pushed back. 

Like the other brands on our list, you can buy the supplements directly from Green Box. Orders over £35 get free shipping. 


The name completely sums up the ethos of the company. It was inspired to make nutrition and well-being healthy.

As Feel says:

“We want people to know exactly what they’re putting into their bodies and how each ingredient will benefit their health.”

Additionally, it strives to make health affordable. Feel’s price-point is designed to attractive to everyone. 

With the supplements, the Feel understands that there can be high dosages of nutrients and minerals. That leads to waste as your body isn’t able to utilise the excess levels.

The result is you having to excrete the unused portions of nutrients. That’s why Feel creates supplements with moderate amounts of nutrients and minerals: nothing is wasted. 

Feel is also non-GMO and completely vegetarian/vegan. 

32 ingredients are contained within Feel’s multivitamin. It’s not something that Feel has blindly put together.

These multivitamins are backed by 500+ clinical papers and recommended by 80 nutritionists. Only the best ingredients are used because you and your body deserve the highest standards of wellness. 

The supplements are available as either a one-off order or you can join Feel’s monthly subscription service (which gives you a 50% saving). Jump over to Feel’s site and begin your wellness journey.

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Performance Lab

Performance Lab supplements are based on nutritional formulas that aren’t found in similar products in the market. The science behind the vitamins is designed to maximise the nutritional benefits of each ingredient. 

Everything Performance Lab ab puts into the supplements is grown in its laboratory. That means the nutrients are completely pure and clean.

In effect, the “punch” that the supplements deliver is enhanced.

The multivitamins are available for either men or women. Both multivitamins contain 17 essential nutrients.

The only difference is that they are tweaked to meet gender-specific health needs. 

Purchase through Performance Lab. Each order comes with a 3 month supply (and a bonus month).

That equates to 4-months of multivitamins.


Hakamount only uses 10 vitamins in its supplements. The idea behind this is that less is more.

That is, Hakamount considers a lot of health products pack too much inside the capsule. Something the company considers solely as unnecessary “filler” ingredients. 

With its Daily Driver Multivitamin, Hakamount says you will find your energy levels increase, muscle functioning improving and feel less lethargic.  However, these benefits are standard across all the multivitamins on this list.

What makes Hakamount unique is the limited number of nutrients that it uses to achieve the result.

Get yourself some Daily Driver Multivitamins directly from Hakamount. You have a one-off purchase option, 2-month or 6-month subscription plans. 

Become a healthier vegan

tablets in packaging

Multivitamins provide us with those nutrients we aren’t getting enough of in our daily diets. For vegans, cutting out meat and dairy products reduces the number of nutrients available.

However, supplements can fill in the nutritional gaps. 

Not all supplements are created the same. Even in this list, we have seen a variety of methods in which the companies manufacture their multivitamins. 

There have been some companies that were going to be included on the list, but got removed. Primarily because of cross-contamination from the machinery.

Vegans can have vegan-friendly supplements. It’s only a matter of deciding which brand you want to go with. 

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