8 of the Best Vegan Protein Powders in the UK

Pop into any gym or sports shop and you will be confronted with protein powders. Maybe your friends and family are into protein shakes. 

What’s with all that protein talk? Proteins are known to help reduce weight while building muscle. Also, protein powders help in tissue repair. 

Maybe you didn’t know but you are tearing muscles when you workout. That’s the “burn” that you’re feeling. The muscle fibres get damaged and then join back together. 

That’s where protein powder comes into the picture. Your muscles are provided with what they need for repairing so that they can grow big and healthy.

Maybe you can’t buy vegan protein powder at your local gym or health food shop. That’s no reason to get disheartened.

There are plenty of brands that cater for you. Here we have gathered together some of the top vegan protein powders in the UK.

Let your workout commence.

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The Protein Works

The Protein Works is all about…protein. For those vegans that are wanting a meal replacement, or just something to enhance their fitness diet, there is a range of products on offer:

  • Vegan Wondershake: Here you are getting four types of protein: premium pea protein, brown rice protein, hemp protein, and soy protein. There is less than 1 gram of fat and under a gram of sugar. This is a vegan shake that looks and tastes like a real dairy shake (minus all the horrible dairy additives). Available in 13 flavours
  • Vegan Protein Extreme: This packs a protein punch. You get 29g of protein per serving. On top of that, there is an incredible array of ingredients that provide you with an amazing shake. You can try all 17 flavours to see which one you love the most. 
  • Vegan Mass Gainer: For those vegans who are wanting to bulk up. The amino acids will complement your physical training to help you gain muscle mass. Carbohydrates provide you with the energy you need whether it’s in the gym or on the field. Each 125g serving provides you with 32g of protein and 450 calories.  There are 5 flavours you can try.

Protein Works offers a lot more shake options. Try their protein bar. The company has you covered no matter what your protein needs are. 

My Protein

protein powder on a spoon

My Protein is based in Manchester. Starting in 2004 it has grown to become a leader in the sports nutrition industry.

They have a vast array of products that cater to equally diverse dietary needs. There is a specific vegan line that encompasses protein, supplements, food and vitamins

The Vegan Protein Powder is a blend of pea and bean proteins. You get 22g of protein and 9 amino acids that the body is incapable of producing.

Have the powder for breakfast, in between workouts or put some in your baking (protein biscuits!). 

Available in 250g, 1kg and 2.5kg bags. There are 13 flavours you can select from. Get yourself a bag here.

Nutri Genetix

NutriGenetix takes a truly scientific approach towards nutrition. The company understands that our DNA influences the way we metabolise nutrients into our bodies.

It’s not simply a matter of “everyone is the same”, because we’re all slightly different. 

Not to freak you out, but you can have a DNA test. The reason is so that Nutri Genetix can create a personalised nutritional profile for you.

When it comes to the products, everything is vegan. 

  • NGX BodyFuel: This provides you with the protein you need to look toned and fit. There is up to 27g of protein as well as 30 nutrients in each serving. Enough to meet the most rigorous workout. 
  • NGX PowerPack: With this, you are getting 56g of protein for every 100g serving. Also, your receive 24g of carbohydrates, 1g of sugar and 2.8g of fat. Its slow-release formula makes it ideal for after-workout recovery.

The protein powder can be purchased as a one-off or you can join Nutrigenetix’s subscription service.

man at the gym lifting weights

Neat Nutrition

This was started by two swimmers, simply known as Lee and Charlie. They had a dream to create nutritional supplements that addressed a range of health issues.

It’s an award-winning company that seeks to change the landscape of the nutritional world. 

Going plant-based was the only viable option for the company. That’s because it conserves water as well as reduces greenhouse gases.

On top of the environmental impact, vegan supplements ensure that there are no hidden nasties that you are putting inside your body. 

Neat Nutrition’s Vegan Protein Powder is made from British sourced ingredients. It packs a whopping 26g of protein and only 3g of fat.

Carbohydrates come in at 3g per serving. Neat says that you are getting the essential amino acids that you need, yet they don’t list these.

They do mention Lysine as one of the amino acids. 

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Indisupplements is unique in that it uses indigenous plants that people would typically avoid consuming. These natural ingredients are combined into supplements that offer a range of benefits in one serving.

The company has several protein powders to choose from. Match them with your workout goals and see yourself gain mass (the right way!)

  • Tone: Designed to help you recover quickly after your workout or exercise. 18g of protein combined with antioxidants aid in rehydration and decreasing post-workout pain. 
  • Build: If your goal is to bulk up, then try this protein powder. 23g of protein along with a mix of nutrients known for their anti-inflammatory and muscle building properties ensures that you get the results you desire. 

Like most companies we have listed, you can purchase straight from Indisupplements. Either as a single purchase or subscription (which offers a 15% discount).

Sprout Living

Sprout Living is all about making the best natural products from superfoods. The taste is derived directly from the ingredients the company uses (which is approximately 80 different plant-based items). 

The whole concept is to have you “sprout” into a healthy individual full of vitality. In a vegan way of course! 

Sprout Living has a couple of protein powders to choose from:

  • Epic Protein: You get 26g of protein as well as a range of amino acids and antioxidants. All put together to help you build lean muscle and re-energise you after your exercise. You can choose from seven flavours. 
  • Simple Protein: This offers the same health benefits as Epic Protein. However, you only get 20g of protein. This powder is made specifically for those  who have a sensitive stomach. Also, like Epic Protein, there are seven flavours available.


Staring off in a bedroom and with a £3,000 credit card loan, Bulk sought to change the sports nutrition world. 

Using the best ingredients Bulk has made their mark and now ship over 10 million products to those who are seeking to improve their health and fitness. It’s an inclusive brand that caters for Vegans. 

  • Vegan Protein Powder: Contains 23g of protein sourced from peas, brown rice, pumpkins, flaxseeds and quinoa.  Available in 7 flavours.
  • Vegan Mass Gainer: This powder has the highest level of protein on our list: 30g. Combined with 40g of carbohydrates means your fitness is being taken to the next level. Choose from 5 flavours.

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My Vegan

My Vegan grew from a simple intention: to provide tasty plant-based products that help you get the most out of your day. 

It is so committed to veganism that it is approved by both the Vegan Society and the Vegetarian Society. That’s something worth bragging about. 

For those vegans wanting to get the most out of their training, My Vegan offers a range of protein powders.

  • Vegan Protein Blend: 22g of protein (sourced from peas and fava beans) provides you with what you need to get through the day or to help you recover after that intense workout. 13 flavour choices are available
  • Clear Vegan Powder: Add a scoop into some water and you’ve got yourself 10g worth of protein. Oh, and half your daily requirement of vitamin B. A great alternative to protein shakes. It not only promotes muscle growth but also supports your mental performance and protects your immune system. You get 7 flavours to select from. 

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Healthy and fit take on a whole new meaning

For vegans, it can be hard at times to get the nutrients your body needs. More so when you are committed to working out, toning your body and building mass. 

However, plant-based proteins provide your muscles with what they need to grow and be healthy. The brands above understand the importance of sticking with natural sources of nutrients (without harming animals). 

Read the online reviews from each of the powders we have listed and then shortlist the ones you want to try. 

Some of the brands offer sample packs, so you have the chance of dipping your toes into their powders. 

Then it’s a matter of going with the one you love the most.

Your muscles and body will thank you for it. Then bask in the compliments about how amazing you look!

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