Hey friend!

This food blog was created by us (Jenni+Brian) because we were sick of looking up normal, comforting and kid friendly vegan recipes and being sorely disappointed.

We’ve been vegan since 2014 and Brian has been making up his own creations since then, always with a focus on delicious, EASY recipes that our kids love!

When you first go vegan, everything feels like a challenge. And you have this sinking feeling that you may never eat food that you love again.

We went through the same feelings.

But this gave us our determination to prove that you can make and eat food that you love and that your kids will love!

Luckily, we found out that almost ANYTHING can be veganized. And most of what you’re missing is NOT the meat/dairy/eggs… it’s the seasonings, toppings and sauces!

So welcome to our family focused food adventure, one where you get to rediscover all the classic meals you grew up with, that are now veganized, healthy and tasty as hell!