How To Grow Basil Indoors (from seed)

Starting Basil Inside From Seed

I am super excited about today’s post which is all about starting basil seeds inside your home!

A lot of people get intimidated by starting seeds themselves- I sure did too.

But starting your own seeds is WAY cheaper than buying started plants and if you do it right- it’s pretty easy!

Is Basil Easy To Grow From Seed?

Yes! Follow along with the steps and pictures to start your own basil from seed:

Start by preparing your soil. It’s best to use sterilized potting soil so that there is no introduction of weeds.

Moisten the soil so it’s moist but not soaking. These bottle attachments work really well for moistening soil and gently watering seeds without washing them away.

Put 3 seeds in each planting cell. The seeds have been coated so they are very obvious to see. You can use plastic seed trays or biodegradable peat pots if you prefer!

Plant the basil seeds about 1/4 inch deep.

When the seeds have germinated and grown up to be about 3 inches high I will use scissors to snip out the 2 weakest ones in each cell leaving one basil plant per cell.

Crumble some moistened potting soil over top of the seeds.

Press the moistened soil down so the seeds have good contact with the soil bed.

Water the seeds in gently (not with a heavy stream or just pouring water out of a cup-that will wash the seeds out.) These bottle attachments are cheap and attach to any water bottle you have laying around!

Tips For Growing Successful Basil Plants

1. Basil takes 8-14 days to germinate so be patient! Although a heating pad isn’t necessary, it does cut the germination time down to about 5 days. A heating pad can also help you achieve a more even germination.

2. Keep the soil moist until the seeds germinate. If the seedling imbibes water but then runs out of water then the emerging seedling will die.

Keep the soil wet but not soaking!

3. Using grow lights is not necessary however the seedlings may end up stretching to reach the light and grow leggy without them.

A grow light helps your plants grow more uniformly however this is not necessary- it’s more of a nice thing to have if you are financially able 🙂

When Should I Plant Basil?

 Plant basil 6-8 weeks before the last frost in your area.

Do You Need To Soak Basil Seeds Before Planting?

No, soaking basil seeds is not necessary to grow them.

How Long Do Basil Seeds Take To Germinate?

Basil seeds take about 8-14 days to germinate but you can get them to germinate faster (in about 5 days) by using a heat pad.

How Deep Do You Plant Basil Seeds?

Basil seeds only need to be pushed into the soil about 1/4 of an inch.

Troubleshooting: Why Won’t My Basil Seeds Germinate?

It’s either too wet, too cold or your seeds were too old. Try using a heating pad, fresh seeds and keeping your soil wet but not soaking!

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Starting Basil Inside From Seed

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