The Best Black Friday Deals For Vegans (who love to cook)

Are you vegan or thinking of going vegan? We’ve been vegan since 2014 and have taken our vegan game to the next level!

Once you stop eating meat and other animal products, cooking becomes different. You don’t need certain things (goodbye meat thermometer!) but suddenly you find yourself looking for more ways to cook tofu (how the hell do I get it crispy?) or slice up some mad veggies (is there a faster/safer way to do this?!) All in the hope that you will make your life easier and still able to enjoy the flavors and textures from when you ate animals/animal products.

Have no fear! There are so many cool cooking appliances/gadgets that can us vegans some serious love.

Some products listed are cooking tools or appliances and some are food based that can help you flavor your food with meat or egg flavors.

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Yep, everyone and their dog is talking about Instant Pots. But- there’s a super good reason! They. are.  the. bomb. diggity.

You can cook beans that are rock hard and dry to fresh, soft perfection in less than hour with a touch of a button! I do huge batches of beans (1-2lbs dry) and freeze them in 15oz bags so I can add them in place of canned beans. This is significantly cheaper than buying canned beans!

You can make a full blown soup in 20 minutes by setting and forgetting it.

I have cooked whole pumpkins and squash, rice, noodles, steamed veggies- you name it!

Rice pudding, hot chocolate, apple cider, oh my!

So yes, an Instant Pot for us is a MUST HAVE kitchen tool, especially as vegans! These also make insanely awesome gifts.

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When we first got our Actifry, it sat in the box for almost a year because we weren’t sold and didn’t know what to use it for. Finally, we dragged it out to try making some crispy tofu for a stir-fry and almost cried that we had left it in the box that long.

It is now one of our top kitchen essentials because we use it for:

  • Crispy tofu
  • Homemade french fries
  • Anything frozen like tater tots, bought fries, spring rolls, etc.
  • Avocado fries

All you do it place whatever it is you want air fried in the basket, add a smidgeon of oil and turn it on!

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This has got to be mentioned. Ninja upped their hybrid game. Big time. They have combined an Airfryer+Pressure Cooker+ Tender Crisper.

What does this mean?

‘You can pressure cook to lock in juices, then finish with a crisp.’

Bake, fry, roast and broil- all in one.

I’m skeptical. I mean, it’s kind of too good to be true. But they have almost 700 4.6 star reviews!

One reviewer mentioned that this one appliance replaced three other ones- an air fryer, crock pot multi cooker and small instant pot!


We have a Vitamix. I love it! It can blend anything in a matter of seconds makes the smoothest sauces, slices through nuts like butter and can literally make a hot soup!


It is a hassle to clean up. It’s big, bulky and we honestly miss our personal blender that came with our Ninja when we bought it.

So, we got the Ninja Auto IQ to have on our counter for everyday use and keep the Vitamix for those big things, like blending a batch of soup, banana nice cream or nut based sauces.

The Vitamix is an investment. We still recommend one IF:

  • You are going to be blending nuts for sauces or nut milks.
  • You need to make giant smoothies for your whole family, not just one person.
  • You want something that can juice fruits and veggies properly.
  • You want to make hot, blended soups.
  • You’re okay with a large item to clean after each use.

The awesome thing about getting a Vitamix is that you get 10 year warranty with your blender. You can check out the different kinds of Vitamix’s here.

We recommend a Ninja Mega Kitchen System if:

  • You want to have a food processor, blender, dough maker and personal blender all in one.
  • You won’t be blending things like nuts or making hot soups.
  • You’re not picky about how fine you can blend fruits/veggies for juices.

You can find the Ninja Mega Kitchen System on sale here!

We recommend a Ninja Auto IQ or small personal blender if:

  • You are only blending small amounts of things at one time.
  • You aren’t doing serious blending (ie; nuts, juicing, hot soup)
  • You love the ease of cleaning one cup instead of a huge blender.

Check out the Ninja Auto IQ system here. Or click HERE for the other types of small personal blenders at a lower price point!


If you don’t have a slow cooker, it’s time to invest in one. We make soups, stews, hot chocolate and ciders. It is seriously heavenly to slow cook something all day and fill your home with lovely smells!

Not to mention being able to freezer prep slow cooker meals so you can open a bag, dump it in, set it and forget it for 6 hours!

Check out the best Black Friday Slow Cookers here!


My mom got one of these babies a few weeks ago and whoooo-EEE! It’s a game changer. If you’ve ever used a mandolin I’m sure you’re aware of the nervous sweat that creeps down your back as your carrot stub gets shorter and your knuckles get dangerously close to those sharp ass blades sticking out.

Yeah, it sucks.

With an electric mandolin, there is no risk of slicing up your knuckles and it will power through veggies like you wouldn’t believe.

Here, take a look:

We recommend this Electric Mandolin, but feel free to click here to check out hand operated ones for a lower price!


These are awesome if you are wanting to eat healthier and up your veggie game. I was so shocked that my kids were down for some raw meals from time to time- all you need is zucchini or cucumber for noodles and awesome sauce!

This one has over 4000 5 star reviews!


We hope you found something to help make cooking easier with these Black Friday Deals for Vegans. Let us know if there’s anything we missed that you’d recommend to other vegans!

Happy Black Friday shopping friends!

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