Vegan Food Delivery Options In The UK

If you are a vegan or follow a vegan-friendly lifestyle in the United Kingdom, there are plenty of options for ordering food. Many takeaway delivery services offer a wide variety of restaurant options, some vegan-friendly.

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What vegan food delivery options are there in the UK?

Those who have been following a vegan diet for an extended period may understand that historically there has not always been a large variety of vegan takeaway options to choose from. As the years have passed, awareness of what a vegan diet comprises has increased, and veganism has become a global movement.

If you follow a vegan diet in the UK or have a vegan friend or family member interested in ordering food, options have never been more plentiful.

By the restaurant

The first option for most vegans is that many restaurants themselves will offer their own delivery services now. Creating an online menu and shopping gateway has never been easier, which can be easily integrated into restaurant websites and systems to receive orders live.

Moreover, more than ever, these restaurants will have their own delivery services as remote delivery has become ever popular with access to the internet.

If you are looking for a restaurant’s possible delivery service, searching on Google may not yield immediate results (mainly if they use a very general name).

The best option to find the restaurant’s delivery services is to look for their name on Google Business or access their shop’s URL on Google Maps by locating the restaurant there.

Other websites to locate a business’s home website include FindTakeaway, Yelp, 192, FoodLoyalty and TripAdvisor.


Are there any vegan delivery apps for Android or iOS?

Those who follow a vegan diet or live in a household where everybody follows one may be interested in a vegan-only delivery app.

However, veganism is still a somewhat specialized lifestyle. Instead, most delivery applications offer a vegan section, where restaurants and takeaways are listed by whether they offer vegan dishes.

Some applications provide vegan sections, whereas others provide vegan markers on individual dishes and restaurants. The latter can be helpful for vegans who are ordering vegans with others who do not follow a vegan diet or have other dietary needs, whether they are religious or allergenic.

Thanks to these options, many delivery applications have various vegan options available.


UberEats is Uber’s branched delivery platform, using Uber’s drivers to deliver a wide variety of foods all across the UK. It also enlists couriers that travel by bike, motorcycle, on foot or even by scooter.

It has been around since 2014 and initially had a boom as it was one of the first delivery branches for Mcdonald’s. UberEats as an application is available on both iOS and Android and online.

Tipping is embedded into the application, payment is charged to accounts listed on a person’s Uber account.

UberEats is notable for tracking the delivery on almost every order by map. Other delivery services will often offer an estimated time of arrival or general indicators to tell customers that food is on the way and should be expected soon.

However, UberEats customers can see on the map where their food is and safety measures such as a picture of the delivery driver, their rating, and their number plate and car make if they are delivering by car.

Uber Eats App

UberEats is useful for contactless delivery and lists many restaurants that do not deliver using their own couriers or other services such as JustEat. As a result, UberEats has a wide variety of restaurants that are often vegan.

Searching for vegan restaurants with UberEats is simple, as those following a vegan diet can search in a separate category for dietary options. This will narrow down restaurants that offer vegan options in their menus, marked with a distinctive “heart” symbol.

Vegetarian options are marked with a leaf symbol.

Although this offers vegan dishes from all restaurants in search, there is also the option to search for vegan-specific restaurants in their category. These may be a rarer find but offer a broad selection of delivery food options for vegans.

UberEats also offers delivery from smaller restaurants such as pop-up food stands, meaning vegan food is more likely to be on the menu. As an intermediary platform between the consumer and the restaurant, UberEats offers customers a separate guarantee for refunds.

Vegan customers can have greater safety knowing that if their food contains unexpected animal products or they receive the wrong item, they can get a refund or replacement from either the restaurant or have a guaranteed refund through UberEats.


delivery man collecting food

JustEat is a delivery platform founded in 2001, spreading from Denmark across Europe. It has options for both card-based, online delivery payment and paying in cash on delivery or even through PayPal.

It offers pick-up or delivery options. Restaurants may use their courier internally, or JustEat offers their delivery options.

JustEat offers fewer pop-up food options than UberEats, but generally lower delivery fees. In recent years, however, JustEat has offered users more ability to track where their delivery is, following their order by map.

However, this is not available on all orders as restaurants that use their courier will not be trackable by map. The restaurant does offer an “on the way” indicator, however.

Although JustEat does not offer a dietary needs section, it does provide broad categories for food that can be easily searched through, including vegan and vegetarian sections. It also has an Android app and JustEat app and does offer desktop functionality.

However, those who want a more detailed output on the offerings of a particular restaurant should contact them directly to verify the ingredients in a dish, mainly if there are allergenic requirements.

They also offer an intermediary platform for customers to raise complaints. This is a particular relief to vegan customers who may be concerned about recourse to take if their dish is not as they expected or it is not all vegan-friendly ingredients.

JustEat focuses on takeaways over restaurants, whereas outlets like UberEats and Deliveroo offer delivery options for restaurants that may conventionally not provide delivery. However, as an older platform, many restaurants are thoroughly reviewed, and customers can easily browse reviews on the desktop website.


Man on scooter delivering food

Deliveroo is a British delivery company that has expanded globally, set up in 2013. It offers primarily delivery by bicycle and motorcycle and offers expedited delivery times as a consequence.

Many restaurants provide exclusive delivery through Deliveroo, so vegans struggling to find their favourite outlet may have better luck through Deliveroo.

Vegan options can be specifically searched for and selected through Deliveroo. The wider variety of options means the restaurant generally offers more vegan options.

Still, there is a lower selection and fewer total reviews to browse than JustEat, a longer running site. 

The service also boasts a highly-trackable delivery system with a map similar to UberEats, meaning customers can track orders for safety as they are being delivered.

Tipping is also available within the app, which is available on iOS and Android.

Like both, however, vegans can be assured that there is a customer service system to handle any necessary refunds and any amends to their order. Deliveroo’s refund handling and customer service are in place for any order placed.

However, similar to UberEats, the delivery fee is slightly increased. 


Foodhub is not technically a delivery company but does offer food ordering services. Because it facilitates restaurants using their in-house couriers, Foodhub does not charge restaurants any commission to be listed.

Consequently, Foodhub has some of the widest restaurants and offers many exclusive discounts to customers purchasing through them. They also provide a low delivery fee.

Foodhub is available on iOS and Android and offers the same level of customer service you will find elsewhere.

There is a vegan and vegetarian restaurants category for vegans, but the food categories are not searchable as is possible in UberEats. However, the broader offering of restaurants means that every vegan struggling to find offerings in their local area should look at FoodHub.

Their low commission and delivery rates mean many restaurants offer services exclusively.

Are there vegan meal preparation services?

delivering the food

Yes. Meal preparation services are often offered with vegan options, as many of those who follow a vegan diet do so with concerns about their health.

Knowing what goes into a food can be difficult with takeaway services, where ingredients and production are often obscured.

Many concerned vegans have taken to preparing all of their food, which means that there have sprung up many food preparation services that have sprung up all around the globe.

These services offer the delivery of fresh ingredients directly to your home, often on a regular schedule, so you can have fresh ingredients readily on-hand when you begin cooking.

Recipes are usually included, and the freshness of ingredients is readily assured so that you can cook tasty, vegan-friendly dishes confidently in the comfort of your own home with assured recipes.

Most are subscription-based but offer a free trial to interested newcomers but unsure whether they want to commit just yet.


Gousto is a vegan recipe and ingredient delivery service that offers cheap, subscription-based deliveries of delicious and nutritious meals to your home. Recipes are cycled regularly, meaning customers are rarely cooking repetitive meals.

Meal preparation boxes are cheap at £2.98 per person when purchasing a family box with four different meals for a week, and delivery is provided for these recipe boxes free of charge.

They also offer a discount for first-time customers.

Feast Box

woman holding greens in front of her face

Feast Box is another delivery service that delivers healthy ingredients to cook fresh food at home to those following a vegan lifestyle. Feast Box offers a variety of food, however, with a changing menu that offers at least four vegan options each week.

They offer meat options as well, which may be a concern to those avoiding cross-contamination. This is a slightly more expensive box starting at £5 per person at the lowest, but the delivery is still free.

Mindful Chef

Mindful Chef offers a lower carbohydrate option than other meal delivery services, avoiding sugar and refined carbohydrates in their dishes and recipes.

Furthermore, being a lower carbohydrate-focused box, they deliver meat and fish options to those who want them, which could be a concern for those avoiding cross-contamination. This is an excellent selection for anybody following a gluten-free diet, as every meal is entirely gluten-free.

If you have Coeliacs or cohabitate with someone who does, this can be a great mutual meal choice, and it can be as cheap as £4 a person with free delivery.

Green Chef

Green Chef is a branch of Hello Fresh that offers exclusively vegan products, focusing away from processed meat substitutes and an emphasis on healthy legumes, vegetables and grains for a high protein diet.

All provided packaging and products are entirely zero-contamination for anybody with allergenic concerns, and every part of the production is cruelty-free. However, it is a pricier meal delivery service at just under £5 when buying in the largest quantity.

The delivery may not be free, and you cannot select what recipes you receive.

plant based food

So are there vegan food delivery options in the UK?

There are plenty of options for vegan eating in the UK, whether eating hot prepared food from a takeaway or having healthy meals delivered for a low price. Vegans have more options than ever to eat healthily, be aware of what is going into their food, and for a reasonable price as well.

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