KFC Vegan Menu UK

The iconic fast-food chain, renowned for its finger-lickin’ chicken, has redefined its menu to cater to the growing community of individuals seeking flavorful and satisfying plant-based alternatives.Below is a list of vegan options that KFC offers in the UK, a testament to the brand’s commitment to inclusivity and diverse dining experiences.

To ensure the distinct separation of vegan ingredients from meat products, KFC employ dedicated utensils and storage units. Comprehensive training has been provided to staff members on the meticulous preparation of the Vegan Burger, minimizing the potential for cross-contamination.

Information accurate as of 18th December 2023

Vegan Burger:

This is an award-winning burger, The Quorn™ fillet coated is made from mycoprotein and is coated in the famous 11 herbs & spices in a sesame bun with lettuce & vegan mayo.

The burger can be customized, however please note that by adding or removing ingredients can mean that the burger is not vegan due to the nature of ingredients or due to possible cross contamination.

Image Credit: KFC

What Other KFC Foods Are Suitable for Vegans?

The beans and corn are vegan-friendly and can be added to the Vegan Burger & Drink deal.

Are KFC Chips Vegan

In the UK, KFC’s fries are prepared in the same oil used for cooking Popcorn Chicken. Consequently, some individuals may not regard the chain’s chips as suitable for a vegan diet.

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