Can Vegans Eat at Costa?

When one thinks of England, one gets an image of a nation that love their cups of tea. Yet, that wasn’t always the case. 

History shows that the British were avid coffee drinkers who converted to tea. Now they are slowly turning back towards coffee. Who says history doesn’t repeat?

Costa is the most popular coffee outlet within the UK. You could argue that it is England’s version of Starbucks.

Most people enjoy popping into their local branch and sipping a latte or two.

But for the vegan, is Costa an accommodating cafe option? The answer to that is: Yes.

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Vegan options at Costa

Costa doesn’t seem to make an official statement about its vegan drinks and food. However, there is an impressive range of choices for vegans. 


Whether you want a coffee, tea or something that is a bit more fruity-flavoured, Costa has you covered.

Here is a rundown of the vegan drink options.


When you need a caffeine fix, Costo provides a good range of coffees for vegans:

  • Latte
  • Cappuccino 
  • Flat White
  • Flat Black
  • Americano
  • Cortado
  • Caramel Cortado
  • Espresso
  • Premium Filter Coffee

Costa’s Flat Black, Americano, Espresso and Premium Filter Coffee don’t contain milk


coffee beans in a heart shape with a black coffee mug in the middle

The Costa+ range provides vegans with a boost of vitamins, minerals and protein. Choose the drink that suits your health/fitness needs.

  • The Energiser Caramel Latte with Vitamin B12 and Zinc: Made with Oat milk. 
  • The Energiser Vanilla Latte with Vitamin B12 and Zinc: Costa uses coconut milk for this latte. 
  • The Energiser Caramel Cappuccino with Vitamin B12 and Zinc: The milk comes from oats. 
  • The Energiser Vanilla Cappuccino with Vitamin B12 and Zinc: Like the Vanilla Latte, this cappuccino consists of coconut milk.
  • The Power Hazelnut Latte with protein: Created using almond milk.
  • The Power Hazelnut Cappucino with protein: Also made with almond milk.

For all the “Energiser” offerings, Costa warns not to have them if you are already taking zinc supplements

It is possible to have too much zinc in your diet. If that happens, you can experience nausea, stomach cramps, vomiting and headaches.

So, please ensure that your zinc level intake is moderate.

Hot Drinks/ Other Drinks

For vegans, the option is extremely limited in this category.

  • Chai Latte

Coffee Over Ice

Iced coffee

For those who want something colder on those hot days. Costa provides vegans with three choices.

The sizes available are small and medium. The exception is the Iced Cortado which you can only get in one size.

  • Iced Latte 
  • Iced Americano Black
  • Iced Cortado


Think of this as a coffee milkshake. 

  • Coffee Frostino: A cool way (literally) to get a caffeine injection.

Available in small and medium sizes. 

Fruit Coolers/Iced Tea

iced cold drinks

If you are wanting something more fruity. Costa has three drinks available for vegans:

  • Strawberry Iced Infusion
  • Mango and Passion Fruit Cooler
  • Red Summer Berries Fruit Cooler

These fruit purees are blended with ice to give you an awesome experience. Available in two sizes: small and medium.

Cold Brew Coffee

After a real caffeine “kick”? The coffee beans are brewed for 20 hours to enhance the freshness. Then they are added to ice. 

  • Cold Brew Coffee Black

Teas and Infusions

  • Green Tea: Imported from Eastern China. A relaxing beverage.
  • Berry Infusion: If you love berries, then give this a try. You can have it hot or cold. 
  • English Breakfast Tea: What better way to start your day than with a good tea? 
  • Jasmine Tea: A mellow tea bursting with antioxidants. 
  • Mint Infusion: Get a hit of peppermint. 
  • Earl Grey Tea: A soothing black tea with a touch of bergamot.

Milk options for your coffees

As a vegan, you don’t want anything dairy in your coffee. Costa has you covered. 

When ordering a coffee that has a milk component you can choose from coconut, almond, soy and oat options. For those with soy and nut allergies, opt for oat milk.

No products found.


When it comes to filling your vegan tummy, Costa’s food range isn’t too extensive, yet it does ensure you can grab something for breakfast, lunch or even as a quick snack to compliment your drink. 

M&S Food

  • M&S Tomato & Basil Soup: Tomatoes and Basil combined in balsamic vinegar. 
  • M&S Plant Kitchen Hoisin No Duck Wrap: Protein, cucumber, spinach and spring onions wrapped up neatly in a wheat flour tortilla.
  • M&S Nutty Salad: You’ll go nuts over this salad. Peanuts, almonds and pistachios are joined with quinoa and soybeans. Complimented with a cannellini bean & sesame tahini dip. Drench it all with soy and ginger dressing.
  • M&S Plant Kitchen Golden Syrup Flavour Porridge: Just add water and away you go! The barley and golden syrup taste will surely be a winner.
  • M&S Pineapple, Melon & Grape: A simple fruit salad
  • M&S Watermelon Fingers: Nothing but huge pieces of watermelon
  • M&S Crunchy Green Apple with Peanut Butter: Apple slices that you can dip into the peanut butter. What a combination!


toast with heart shapes cut out

When you’re feeling a bit peckish in the morning, Costa does have breakfast options. However, they are limited.

  • Vegan Bac’n Breakfast Bap: Plant-based bacon is placed over a vegan spread. Then everything is trapped in a bap.
  • White Toast (without butter): Nothing but toast in its natural form.
  • Brown Seeded Toast (without butter): Bloomer toast that consists of sunflower seeds and linseeds.

Sandwiches & Toasties

If you are wanting a sandwich, you only have one option. 

  • Vegan Smoky Ham & Cheeze Toastie: Quorn Vegan Ham slices are added to equally vegan cheese. Mayonnaise is dribbled over everything. Served between two slices of white bread.

Hot Meals

Feeling cold and looking for something to warm you up? Try these:

  • Vegan Burrito Box: For those vegan Mexican food lovers
  • Vegan Macaroni Cheeze: A great mix of pasta and proteins

Muffins, Cakes & Bakes

Here are some great options to match with your tea or coffee. 

  • Hot Cross Spiced Loaf Cake: Loaf cake with a lemon topping.
  • Hot Cross Chocolate Bun: Cater to your chocolate cravings with this bun. 
  • Classic Hot Cross Bun: An option for the more traditionalist vegans. 
  • BOSH! Chocolate & Pecan Slice: Dark chocolate and bits of biscuits are mixed together. Then topped with caramel, chocolate and pecans.
  • Rocky Road: You’ll get your fill of biscuits and marshmallows with this. Cherries are also included. Dusted with sugar.
chocolate cakes


When you are wanting a small bite to eat to fill the gap, order some of these:

  • Dark Chocolate Rice Cakes: 2rice cakes topped with chocolate. Need we say more? 
  • Hopping Bunny Gingerbread: Gingerbread doesn’t have to be solely a Christmas thing. Try this Easter-inspired version
  • Apple Crumble Flapjack: A flapjack that has been touched with spice apple and cinnamon crumble.
  • Sweet Chilli Rice Snacks: If you want some more fibre in your diet, try these. 
  • Fruity Flapjack: Made from dried apricots, cranberries, coconut, sultanas and oats.  
  • Pick ‘n’ Mix: A vegan alternative to the concept. Satisfy your sweet tooth with this selection.

Vegans may feel limited

Costa does provide vegan options, yet when it comes to the food side, the choices are limited. 

For lunch, you can grab a toastie or Costa’s Burrito or Pasta box options. Sadly, for breakfast, you can only get a bap or some toast.

Hardly a filling choice for the first meal of the day.

When it comes to allergies, Costa has this warning:

“We use shared equipment, we cannot guarantee that our unpackaged food items or hand-crafted drinks are suitable for people with severe allergies. Check our Allergen Information or ask a Costa Coffee team member each visit as ingredients may have changed since your last purchase.”

So, it pays to be cautious when you visit your local store. Costa has made a great effort to ensure that it caters for everyone.

However, the vegan range needs to expand if the company wants to attract these customers. Vegans don’t miss out altogether.

You can grab a coffee and bite to eat. It just means you may still be feeling a little hungry after your visit.

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