Maybe you’re vegan, maybe you’ve got a cousin who is or you’re just looking for some healthier options this Christmas!

Whatever brought you here-


This list was put together because every year when Christmas rolls around, I end up scrolling through to so many recipes only to roll my eyes in disgust  because ain’t nobody got time for 5 hour Christmas cookies Becky!

These recipes all share one thing in common;

And that’s that they’re EASY. And if some of them are slightly more difficult, it’s because they’re WORTH it!

Enjoy this gigantic list of EASY VEGAN CHRISTMAS COOKIES!

Easy Vegan Christmas Cookies

The ultimate list of EASY Vegan Christmas Cookies! You'll find every type of vegan Christmas cookie you can think of on this list!

Let us know how your Christmas cookies turned out, we’d love to hear from you! Click the image below to save this list for later.